Shipping Shoes USPS (Can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)?

Thinking of shipping shoes through USPS? Don’t know if they allow it, and if so, what the prices and process are.

Shipping items online can be a convenient way to purchase things that may not be available, or chances are you have an item you need to be shipped. USPS is often one of the most cost-effective options when selecting a means to ship your item. But while many people ship smaller items using USPS, some may wonder if it’s possible to use their services for large items such as shoes.

If you want to send shoes via USPS, you should know when it is allowed and the steps necessary in order for your item to be successfully shipped out. With the right information at hand, shipping shoes via USPS can be very doable – and even affordable. This article will cover some important navigational points, including: Can I Ship Shoes with USPS; What’s The Cost To Ship Shoes Via USPS; Steps To Package and Ship Shoes Using USPS.

Shipping Shoes USPS – The Whole Guide

Shipping shoes using USPS is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods out there. This allows you to enjoy lower shipping costs and faster delivery times. Whether you need to ship shoes locally or globally, USPS can do the job affordably.

This guide will provide you with the information you need to know about shipping shoes with USPS – including whether or not different types of shoes are allowed, shipping prices, packaging materials required, and steps on how to do it correctly.

1. Check If Shoes Are Allowed by USPS

Although there are no specific prohibitions against shipping branded footwear via USPS, certain types of footwear may be illegal for transport. For example, products that contain hazardous material, such as items made from or containing lead paint or mercury, must not be shipped by postal services like USPS. It’s best to check with your local post office before shipping any type of shoe, just in case.

2. Calculate Shipping Costs

Before you start packing up your shoes for shipment, it’s important to calculate and estimate the cost of postage so that you know exactly how much money you need to cover upon delivery. Costs vary depending on a few factors – weight and dimensions being two of them – but generally speaking, the cost spikes when your package exceeds 13 oz (368 g). Make sure to factor those costs into your price before charging customers so that you don’t take a loss unexpectedly due to higher-than-anticipated shipping rates.

3. Gather Packaging Materials

Gather packaging materials that meet USPS-specified requirements prior to putting them in a box before addressing and sending them off at post office branch offices, convenience centers, self-service kiosks, and collection boxes located near post offices throughout the US postal network. Required cardboard (corrugated) boxes include medium duty 1BPCKSSPTCM (14″ x 12″ x 8″), large duty 1BCKSPCKLARGE (18″ x 18″ x 16″) or extra large duty 3BCKSPCKEXLG (24″ x 24″ x 24″).

4. Package Shoes Properly

Take time packaging items carefully so they can safely withstand transportation without damage throughout their journey from sender to recipient destination.

When packing footwear in boxes, use paper filler on top, bottom side, and outside as protective cushioning, which also helps prevent unwanted movement during transit because shifting in motion cause item inside jam against each other, possibly damaging them during the transit time, especially if the box has contents more than capacity added pressure creates bends tears & dents in their covers making them look less appealing compare new ones straight off the shelf once unpacked if they arrive damaged move onto next step below certain its insure then continue with instructions under this paragraph.

5. Get Insurance Coverage

Another way you can protect yourself financially is by getting insurance coverage when mailing items through postal channels like USPS Priority Mail Express International service… This will give senders assurance that they’ll receive compensation if packages arrive mishandled or lost during the shipment. However, reimbursement isn’t guaranteed; some problem scenarios allow sending party to bear minimal financial losses only if the item was insured appropriately. Therefore it’s important to review the steps below before sending anything to postal carrier services.

6. Handover Packages at Post Office

Once packed slips are finalized, the cost is calculated to fill in payment details, mailer account registered stamps printed, attach external surface pickup, schedule place the package in the mailbox nearest post office, including address label, handle overhand required documentation along with records filed necessary moment courier collects walk somebody desk inform order tracking number later track online customer service reps instantly resolve the issue encountered lookup status delivery confirmation procedures starting today ship shoes liked!

USPS shipping costs

USPS shipping costs are an important factor to consider when sending shoes. Depending on the weight of the shoes, the quantity being shipped, and how quickly they need to arrive, USPS offers a variety of options for shipping shoes. Flat-rate shipping is often the most cost-effective method for small boxes or single pairs of shoes, while consolidated freight is usually the cheapest way to ship multiple larger boxes. For faster delivery times, USPS Priority Mail Express is the fastest option at the cost of around $55. In comparison, USPS Priority Mail is slightly less expensive at around $16 and still delivers quickly in 1-2 days. Ground Retail and Media Mail are cheaper options with delivery times of 5 days and 5-8 days, costing around $14 and $5, respectively. With so many options available, it’s easy to find a cost-effective way to ship your shoes with USPS.


USPS offers a variety of shipping options for shoes, including First Class Mail, Priority Mail flat-rate shipping, and Priority Mail variable rate shipping. Flat rate prices depend on the size of the box, with a maximum weight of 70 lbs. For those who need to ship multiple pairs of shoes at once, USPS also provides Shoe Boxes in packs of 10-15 boxes that can hold sizes ranging from women’s size 5 to men’s size 13.

USPS First Class Mail variable rate shipping costs for domestic shipments vary based on size, weight, and distance traveled. Costs range from $16.10 to $291.55, depending on the size and weight of the shipment. USPS Priority Mail is the USPS’s top priority mail class for parcels weighing less than 70 lbs domestically and generally takes 1-3 business days to reach its final destination. Internationally, Priority Mail International typically cuts shipping time down significantly and is more economical than UPS or FedEx for packages under 10 lbs.

UPS Simple Rate

UPS Simple Rate is a great option for businesses looking to ship packages quickly and affordably. It offers three speeds of travel: UPS Ground, UPS 3-Day Select, and UPS 2nd Day Air. Packaging cost depends on package size and speed of travel, with a maximum weight of 50 lbs per box. Package sizes are based on volume, not dimensions, so measuring your package correctly before shipping is important.

FedEx One Rate is another great option for businesses looking to ship packages quickly and affordably. It offers flat rate pricing for LTL shipments up to 1,200 lbs. Packaging must be FedEx-approved and is free to order online. Prices range from $17.27 – $483.24 depending on the weight and size of the package, with a maximum weight of 50 lbs per box and 18″ x 14″ x 12″. Shipping cost estimates are not guaranteed and may vary based on individual providers’ online cost estimator tools.

UPS and FedEx also offer flat rates and variable pricing for parcel shipping. Flat-rate shipping is typically cheaper but with less flexible delivery timelines. For those looking to ship shoes, three box sizes are available with different prices depending on the size of the box. Shipping cost estimates can be calculated using individual providers’ online cost estimator tools; however exact prices and shipping times are not guaranteed. With FedEx One Rate’s flat rate pricing, businesses freight.

Consolidated freight providers like TSI offer a variety of shipping options for those looking to ship shoes as part of a larger household move. Flat-rate shipping is ideal for those who are shipping smaller items, with service levels varying in terms of delivery, pickup, insurance, and storage options. Costs range from $367 to $1,724 for up to 15 boxes, with $200 insurance per box. For shipments of more than 15 boxes, variable pricing is available with a minimum billable weight of 120 lbs. The cost of the shipment depends on the total combined weight of all boxes; for example, 3 large boxes weighing 50 lbs each would cost $435 ($145 per box) from Philadelphia to Miami.

UPS and FedEx also offer flat rates and variable pricing for parcel shipping. Box sizes available include medium (up to 650”), large (up to 1,050”), and extra-large (up to 1,728”).

Need help shipping shoes?

When it comes to shipping shoes, there are a few things to consider. Cardboard boxes are the most suitable for shipping multiple pairs of shoes, while corrugated boxes are ideal for long-distance shipping. Flat cardboard mailers and bubble mailers are the best options for delicate shoes with buttons or trinkets attached. The cost of shipping a pair of shoes (4-pound shipment) from NY to Canada with DHL eCommerce is $41.40. However, the weight can vary depending on the size and type of shoe, but you can expect 1-2 pounds without packaging. To save money on shipping costs, Easyship offers discounted rates for sending shoes.

Overall, when it comes to shipping shoes, it’s important to choose the right packaging materials and carrier in order to ensure that your items arrive safely and securely at their destination. With a variety of options available, you can find the best solution for your needs while also saving money on shipping.

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