Hobby Lobby Vs Michaels (The Difference Between Them + More)

Are you wondering which is better – Hobby Lobby or Michaels? It’s a question that many craft and hobby enthusiasts ask themselves when they’re planning to make something. As with any purchase, there are advantages and disadvantages to both stores.

These two giants in the craft and hobby supply world offer similar products at different price points. They also have specialized services such as classes and custom framing that can help you complete your projects with ease. So just what’s the difference between them?

In this article, we will compare Hobby Lobby Vs Michaels to help you decide which one is best for your needs. We’ll look at the perks of shopping from each store, how their prices compare, what types of supplies they offer, and other factors so you can make an informed decision about where to get your supplies from.

We’ve all been to the craft stores – Hobby Lobby and Michaels. But how do you know which one you should go to for your next project? This blog post will help answer that question by comparing and contrasting both stores so that you can make an informed decision about where to shop.

Here’s a look at Hobby Lobby vs Michaels, the difference between them, and more:

1. Selection – Hobby Lobby and Michaels both offer a wide selection of craft materials, party supplies, home decor, and more. However, they differ in terms of the type of products they carry. Hobby Lobby specializes in more traditional arts and crafts materials while Michaels has a larger selection of trendy items like scrapbooking supplies and contemporary home decor.

2. Prices – Generally speaking, prices at Hobby Lobby tend to be higher than those at Michaels, although both stores have great sales from time to time that can really help keep costs down.

3. Coupons – Both stores offer coupons on their websites as well as through paper circulars sent out in newspapers or distributed directly from store locations. However, the types of coupons will vary from store-to-store with Hobby Lobby emphasizing their paperless options more often than not whereas Michaels tends to favor offering coupon codes for online orders.

4. Brand-specific Supplies – If you have a specific brand of item in mind (for example Cricut accessories or Bead Gallery beads) then chances are that you’ll find it easier to source them at either Hobby Lobby or Michaels depending on what brand you’re looking for specifically; each store carries its own set of preferred brands so it pays off to check which one carries yours before making any purchases!

5. Specialty Supplies– Along with having a larger selection overall Michael’s tends to also stock specialty items such as custom picture frames or rare hobby supplies like model railroad kits or scale figures that may not be available at other craft stores like Hobby Lobby due to space constraints within their physical locations.

6 Customer Service– Both stores offer excellent customer service with helpful staff ready to answer questions about product availability and assist customers with whatever project they’re working on but some shoppers might prefer Michaels’ newer modernized approach over Hobby Lobby’s more old-fashioned approach when it comes to interacting with staff members.

What To Know About Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby is a popular arts and crafts retailer that has been around since 1972. With over 900 stores in 47 states and 43,000 employees, Hobby Lobby is the largest privately owned arts and crafts retailer in the world. They offer a wide selection of products including fabric, art supplies, home decor and seasonal decor. Hobby Lobby also offers budget-friendly prices compared to other retailers like Michaels.

Hobby Lobby is an excellent choice for those looking for quality arts, crafts & sewing items at affordable prices.

They have an overall score of 4.6 based on 75 ratings on Knoji and Amazon is offering discounts on top arts, crafts & sewing products from Michaels and 40% off select Hobby Lobby items. There are currently 4 active coupon codes for Hobby Lobby available today so it’s worth checking out their website to see what deals they have available. Whether you’re looking for fabric or art supplies, Hobby Lobby has something for everyone!

Can You Use Hobby Lobby Coupons at Michaels?

Shoppers looking to save money at Michaels and Hobby Lobby should be aware that the two stores do not accept each other’s coupons. Michaels no longer accepts coupons from Hobby Lobby or any other competitors, but they will price match in-stock items that are an exact match from brick-and-mortar retail stores and select online retailers, including Hobby Lobby and Amazon. Shoppers can find discounts and special promotions in Michaels weekly ads, as well as coupons on the Michaels website.

On the other hand, Hobby Lobby does not accept Michaels coupons or any other competitor coupons. They do offer their own promotional deals and discounts in their weekly ads, though they discontinued their popular 40% off coupon in 2021. They will price match items that are an exact match to items they sell in-store, but they will not honor percent-off sales. It is important for shoppers to compare prices between both stores before making a purchase to ensure they get the best deal possible.

Can You Use Michaels Coupons at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby and Michaels are two popular craft stores that offer a variety of products for DIY projects. Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby does not accept Michaels coupons or any other competitor coupons. Additionally, Hobby Lobby discontinued its popular 40% off coupon in 2021, but still offers promotional deals and discounts in its weekly ads. On the other hand, Michaels no longer accepts coupons from Hobby Lobby or other competitors.

However, they will price match in-stock items that are an exact match from brick-and-mortar retail stores and select online retailers, including Hobby Lobby and Amazon. Furthermore, shoppers can find coupons on the Michaels website as well as discounts and special promotions in their weekly ads.

In conclusion, it is not possible to use Michaels coupons at Hobby Lobby due to their policies regarding competitor coupons. However, both stores offer various discounts and promotions for customers to take advantage of when shopping for their crafting needs.

Is Michaels or Hobby Lobby Better?

Hobby Lobby and Michaels are two of the most popular arts and crafts retailers in the United States. Both stores offer a wide selection of supplies, from fabric to home decor, as well as custom framing and seasonal decorations. When it comes to deciding which store is better for your needs, it really depends on what you’re shopping for.

Hobby Lobby is the better pick for shoppers looking to update their homes with home and seasonal décor items, as well as fabric supplies. On the other hand, Michaels is the better choice for artists in the market for higher-end art supplies and electronics like Cricut machinṣes and Polaroid instant cameras.

When making a decision between Hobby Lobby or Michaels, it’s important to consider where you can get the best discount. While both stores offer discounts throughout the year, Michaels tends to have more frequent sales than Hobby Lobby.

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