Does Dollar General Sell Condoms?

Are you looking for condoms but don’t want to pay a hefty price? Or perhaps you only have time to make a quick stop at the store and need something reliable? In any case, you’re probably wondering – does Dollar General sell condoms?

Condoms are a necessary way to protect yourself or your sexual partner from pregnancy, STIs/STDs, and other health risks. Unfortunately, buying them can present an embarrassing situation for many people. As such, many of us would prefer to get our hands on one without having to endure the potential discomfort that comes with buying them in person.

But what are the options available? Can we pick up some condoms while doing our regular shopping at dollar stores like Dollar General? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know so that your next visit is informed and successful.

Are you in need of condoms but don’t feel comfortable heading to a pharmacy or adult store to get them? If so, you may be wondering if Dollar General stores carry condoms. The answer is yes, both physical and online Dollar General stores do sell condoms. Although the dollar store isn’t known for having a big selection of condoms, knowing where to look can save you from an awkward shopping trip.

Here’s how to find out what kind of condoms each store sells and how to buy them:

1. Look Up Your Nearest Stores Online

The first step is to figure out which physical stores near you carry the brand of condoms that interests you. Visit and use their Store Locator tool in order to figure out which location closest carries the desired product.

2. Check Condom Availability Online

The next step is to check online whether they actually have the brand of condom that interests you available beforehand, as some brands may not be carried by specific stores due to stock availability or shipping restrictions. This can save time heading down there only to discover they don’t have what you need in stock at the moment — especially if there aren’t many other nearby options for buying it elsewhere.

3. Ask For Assistance At The Store

When visiting the store personally, it’s always best practice to locate an employee who has knowledge on which products are carried by their store and feel comfortable approaching them about your needs. Doing this can help narrow down which brands are offered quickly so that you don’t have to spend time searching for something yourself when unsure if it exists in-store already or not.

4. Pick Up What You Need And Pay For It!

Once you’re sure about what type and size of condom is going into purchase, it’s simply a matter of picking up said product from its location on either shelf or behind a counter and paying for it with cash or any major card accepted at the register (if applicable). With that being said — just make sure not to purchase too many at once by accident though as they expire over a certain period time!

Can You Buy Condoms At Dollar General?

Yes, you can buy condoms at Dollar General stores. Condoms are located in two locations: the men’s personal care aisles and the pay register. In the men’s personal care aisles, customers can easily find condoms alongside other items such as razors, deodorant, and bath products. At the pay register, customers can find condoms near other last-minute buys such as candies and gum. This makes it easy for customers to quickly grab a condom when they need one.

Dollar General stores make it convenient for customers to purchase condoms without having to go out of their way to find them. Customers can easily locate condoms in both the men’s personal care aisles and near the cash register. This makes it easy for customers to get what they need without having to search through multiple aisles or wait in long lines at checkout.

Where Do You Find Condoms At Dollar General?

Dollar General stores offer a wide selection of condoms for customers to purchase. Condoms can be found in the men’s personal care aisles, located near other items such as razors and deodorant. Additionally, condoms are also located near the cash register alongside other last-minute buys such as candies and gum. This makes it easy for customers to quickly pick up a condom if they need one in a hurry.

Condoms are an important part of safe sex practices and Dollar General stores make them easily accessible to customers. Not only do they have condoms available in two convenient locations, but they also offer them at an affordable price. This makes it easier for people to practice safe sex without breaking the bank. With Dollar General’s selection of condoms, customers can feel confident that they are taking steps towards protecting their health and well-being.

What Brands Of Condoms Does Dollar General Sell?

Dollar General is a great place to pick up condoms. They offer a variety of brands at different price points, so you can find something that fits your budget. Prices range from $2.50 for a three-pack to $7 for a 12-pack, making them an affordable option for those looking to practice safe sex. The condoms are located in the men’s section, health section, or near the cash register with other last-minute buys. Look for condoms alongside bath products, razors, and deodorant in the men’s personal care aisle.

When shopping at Dollar General for condoms, it’s important to check the expiration date on the package before purchasing. This will ensure that you get the most out of your purchase and that you’re using a condom that is still effective. Additionally, make sure to read any instructions on the package before use as some brands may require special handling or storage instructions.

How Much Do Condoms Cost At Dollar General?

Condoms are an important part of safe sex and can be found at many stores, including Dollar General. At Dollar General, condoms typically cost $2.50 for a three-pack or $7 for a 12-pack. Sample prices include $2.00 for LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Lubricated Latex Condoms three count and $7.00 for Lifestyles SKYN Original 12 count.

Different types of condoms are available at varying prices, including a box of three LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Lubricated Latex Condoms for $1.50 and a dozen LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Lubed Condoms for $12.00. Prices may vary from store to store, but Dollar General typically has the lowest prices on condoms, making them an affordable option for those looking to practice safe sex without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, Dollar General is a great resource for purchasing condoms. They offer a wide variety of brands, including Lifestyles, which are easily accessible on their website. Additionally, most drugstores have condoms available either freely or in a locked space. It is important to use condoms properly and dispose of them in the dustbin in order to prevent HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancy.

Using condoms correctly can help protect both partners from unwanted consequences and provide peace of mind during intimate moments. Therefore, it is very essential to make sure that you are always prepared with the right protection when engaging in sexual activities.

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