Does Costco Have MotorizedHandicap Carts and Wheelchairs (Full Guide)?

Costco offers motorized carts and wheelchairs for customers with physical disabilities or those who need help getting around the store. These items range in price from $80 to $1,900 and are FSA eligible.

The carts feature a battery-powered motor and a basket attached to the front, as well as safety belts, leg and arm rests, footrests, and large padded seats. The batteries can last up to 15 miles and the chairs can support up to 400 pounds. Motorized carts are free to use for Costco members without having to prove a disability.

In addition to motorized carts, Costco also offers other accessibility features such as wheelchair access and special parking spots. This allows physically challenged customers to easily navigate the store without feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable. Costco is dedicated to providing an inclusive shopping experience for all of its customers, regardless of their physical abilities. With these features in place, customers can shop with confidence knowing that they have access to the same products as everyone else.

What Kind of Motorized Carts Does Costco Have?

Costco offers a variety of motorized carts and wheelchairs to help customers with mobility issues navigate the store. Electric carts are available at most locations, and scooter carts can be found at select stores. Wheelchairs are also offered at certain locations, with a cart attached for added convenience. Prices range from $80 to $1,900, and all items are FSA eligible. The motorized carts and wheelchairs feature key specifications such as lightweight chairs that support up to 400 pounds, long-lasting batteries that can last for up to 15 miles, and large padded seats. Safety belts, leg and arm rests are also included with the carts and wheelchairs for added comfort and security while shopping.

At Costco, customers can find the perfect motorized cart or wheelchair to fit their needs without breaking the bank. With a wide selection of products available in various sizes and styles, shoppers can easily find something that meets their individual requirements.

How to Use Costco’s Motorized Carts

Costco offers free motorized carts near the store entrance for customers who wish to have a more enjoyable experience in the store. The electric scooter has a cart at the front, allowing customers to shop more easily. To use the cart, press the green or red button on the side of the control panel and pull the throttle back to move forward. Pulling the other side of the throttle backward will let you reverse. If you need assistance using one of these carts, ask any staff member for help.

It is advisable to call ahead to your local Costco store before your visit if you require a motorized or handicapped cart. This way, they can make sure that there is one available for you when you arrive. Motorized carts are an excellent way for those with limited mobility to enjoy shopping at Costco without having to worry about getting around in a large store. They provide convenience and comfort while shopping, making it easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Does Costco Sell Motorized Carts ?

Costco is a great place to shop for motorized carts and wheelchairs. They offer a wide range of products, from lightweight chairs that support up to 400 pounds to electric carts and scooter carts. Prices range from $80 to $1,900, making them accessible for all budgets. Customers can purchase these items online at or visit their nearest Costco outlet.

At select locations, Costco also offers wheelchairs in specific sizes and colors with a cart attached for easier shopping. Additionally, the store provides helpful employees who are available to assist disabled customers with their shopping needs. With this level of service and selection, it’s no wonder why so many people choose Costco when looking for motorized carts and wheelchairs.

How to Order Motorized Carts at Costco?

Costco offers a wide variety of motorized carts and wheelchairs to make shopping easier for those with limited mobility. To order one, customers must first log in to their Costco account and select the mobility device they need from the Wheelchairs, Walkers, and Medical alert devices section. After selecting the desired item, customers should visit their local Costco warehouse and talk to an associate about the size, style, color, etc. of the motorized cart or wheelchair they need. Customers must have a valid Costco membership card in order to purchase an item from this department.

In addition to ordering motorized carts online or in-store, Costco also offers free motorized carts at the store entrance for customers who need assistance while shopping. To use these carts, customers simply push the green or red button on the side of the control panel and pull back on the throttle to move forward. Releasing both throttles will stop the cart.

Other Accessibility Features Offered At Costco

Costco is committed to providing an accessible experience for all customers, both in-store and online. In their stores, they offer wheelchair access, elevators, and designated parking spaces for customers with disabilities. They also welcome service animals in their stores. On their website, they have implemented a variety of accessibility features to ensure everyone can use it. These include proper site structure for use with assistive technology, text equivalents for images, full keyboard access, video captioning, proper color contrast ratios for text and images, and labels for forms and input fields. All of these features make it easier for disabled customers to navigate the website and find what they need quickly.

In addition to these features, Costco is dedicated to continuously improving the accessibility of its website. They are constantly working on new ways to make sure that everyone can access their services without any difficulty or frustration.

Can you take someone to Costco to help you shop?

Yes, you can take someone to Costco to help you shop. According to the Costco membership policy, a member is allowed to shop with two other cardholders. This means that a family member or friend can be taken along for assistance. However, if the shopper has a Costco Shop Card, no one else is allowed to accompany them in the store.

Customers with a Costco membership card are allowed to bring two guests of the same gender into the store for assistance while shopping. These guests are not able to use their own Shop Cards for online purchases at Friends, family, or other help can accompany members into the store for assistance while shopping as long as they have their own membership cards and follow all applicable rules and regulations set by Costco.


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