Commercials On Amazon Prime Video (Why Are They There Can You Remove Them)?

Have you ever wondered why inline commercials are appearing in your Amazon Prime Video streaming experience? If so, you’re not alone. It’s an unexpected surprise that many subscribers often encounter while trying to watch their favorite movies and shows on the platform. Furthermore, some may be wondering how they can get rid of these annoying ads if given a chance.

Amazon Prime Video has emerged as one of the leading streaming platforms on the market today. It provides subscribers with access to a large library of films and shows for a relatively low monthly (or yearly) cost. Despite this, advertisers have figured out a way to insert their own advertisements during commercial breaks within this service.

This article will address the issue of commercials on Amazon Prime Video, exploring why they exist and whether or not users can get rid of them.

Commercials On Amazon Prime Video – How To Remove?

Are you wondering why Amazon prime video has commercials and how to remove them? Commercials can be annoying at times, but they also help keep Amazon Prime Video running. Here’s an overview of the purpose of commercials on Amazon Prime Video and how you can block them out if that’s what you wish.

1. Understand How Commercials Get Onto Amazon Prime Video

Commercials on Amazon Prime Video appear because content creators have opted-in to running ads during their videos in order to get additional revenue for their content. These advertisers pay for this time slot, which then airs when a user watches a video from the creator’s library.

2. Recognize The Options To Block Out Ads

There are two ways to block out ads while watching shows or movies on Amazon Prime Video — either by purchasing a premium subscription or utilizing one of the many third-party services available online.

The premium subscription is called “Amazon Prime Video Channels” and includes ad-free access to some networks like HBO, Starz, and CBS All Access. You can purchase any combination of these channels as an add-on service through your existing subscription (or sign up for it separately). Additionally, there are free trial options so you can decide if it’s right for you before committing to anything long term.

3. Consider The Benefits Of Watching Commercials

Some viewers might enjoy watching the occasional commercial as part of their streaming experience — after all, it’s not always about convenience! Watching commercial messages from brands associated with products or services you value may give you added insight into larger trends playing out across industries or even deeper knowledge about companies that resonate with your own values and ideologies. Plus, depending on where you live and what product/service is being advertised during break time intervals at any given moment, sometimes paying attention to certain television spots during shows and movies may give you valuable sales opportunities unavailable elsewhere!

4. Opt-Out Of Having Commercials Played On Your Account

In addition to buying a premium plan that offers an ad-free viewing experience, some users may want to consider opting out of seeing any advertisements while they’re on the site altogether — allowing them more control over the information that crosses screens while enjoying their favorite show or movie in peace (or quiet). Fortunately, it’s possible to do just that through your account settings! Just log into your account settings page and select “Ad Personalization” under Amy & Primetime Preferences – then switch off both “Tailored Advertising” as well as “Interest Based Advertising” accordingly.

Can you watch Amazon Freevee without ads?

Amazon Freevee is a great way to watch movies and TV shows for free, but unfortunately it does not have an option to remove or skip ads. Ads are what allow Amazon Freevee to provide its premium selection of content, so they are necessary for the service. However, there is a workaround that allows viewers to watch Amazon Freevee without ads.

Titles available on Amazon Freevee can be accessed through Prime Video or a Prime Video channel. Titles available for rent or purchase on Prime Video can be watched without ads, while titles available through a Prime Video channel with a free trial period can be watched at no cost as long as the trial is cancelled before the seven days are up. Unfortunately, Amazon Freevee original content cannot be watched without ads. To access these alternative watching options, users must use a web browser linked to Prime Video and titles cannot be purchased or downloaded directly from Amazon Freevee; however, they can be rented or purchased through Prime.

How to watch Amazon Freevee content without ads

Amazon Freevee offers a wide selection of titles available for rent or purchase, as well as original content. Watching these titles without ads is possible through Prime Video or a Prime Video channel. Titles available for rent or purchase on Prime Video can be watched without ads, while titles available through a Prime Video channel with a free trial period can be watched at no cost, but the trial must be canceled before the seven days are up. Unfortunately, it is not possible to watch Amazon Freevee’s original content without ads.

Alternative watching options must be accessed through a web browser that can link to Prime Video. Titles cannot be purchased or downloaded directly from Amazon Freevee but can be rented or purchased through Prime Video and watched offline on compatible devices. This allows viewers to enjoy their favorite shows and movies without having to deal with annoying advertisements in between scenes. With this method, viewers can also take advantage of special offers and discounts that may be available when renting or purchasing titles from


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Commercials on Amazon Prime Video are there to generate revenue for the streaming service. These ads appear between TV shows and movies, as well as beneath titles when browsing content. The commercials cannot be removed from a specific title or episode but can be turned off entirely in Settings under Parental Controls.

Commercials on Amazon Prime Video are there to advertise products or services. While Amazon Prime Video does not have the option to disable them, you can reduce the frequency at which they appear by opting out of targeted advertising. This will allow Amazon to focus the ads they display more on your interests, resulting in fewer and less intrusive commercials. While you can’t remove them, you can skip most ad breaks by fast-forwarding past them, and you won’t see the same ad more than once during a single episode of a show.

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