Can You Track a UPS Package Without A Tracking Number (Guide)?

Are you expecting a package from UPS but don’t have the tracking number? With shipments happening all around the world, it can be hard to keep track of all your parcels. So how do you track a UPS package without a tracking number?

UPS is one of the most commonly used shipping services and is trusted by millions of users around the world. Most customers rely on its tracking system to monitor when their packages will arrive. But what happens if they don’t have their tracking number handy? Fortunately, there are still a few ways that you can track your lost packages even when you don’t have a tracking number.

In this guide, we’ll answer the question: “Can You Track a UPS Package Without A Tracking Number?” as well as provide helpful tips on how to do it and other important information related to lost UPS packages.

If you’ve shipped a package with UPS, you know the importance of tracking your shipments. While most customers receive their tracking numbers and enter them into the UPS website to track the status of their shipment, some may not have a tracking number for whatever reason. So can you track a package without a tracking number?

The short answer is yes – here’s a guide on how to do it:

1. Visit The UPS Website & Enter Your Shipment Information

At the top of the page, enter the code for your package such as your order number or account number. Then click “Track With Number” and wait for results. Depending on the option that you select, additional information might be necessary. That could include references, shipping dates and/or origin locations.

2. Check Receipts For Any Usable Tracking Numbers

In some instances, packages have been sent out with only shipping labels attached instead of accompanying documentation containing any tracking information which disappeared after being mailed. However, if you are able to locate receipts from mailings that were made at a retail level then usable tracking numbers may exist on them (depending on what type of mailing services were used).

3. Contact Local Businesses To See If They Can Look Up Your Shipment by Address

Many business owners who use different mailing services such as UPS will keep records containing details of every package they have sent using these providers’ services including addresses associated with those pieces so that they can look up individual items when needed. Thus if this applies in your case then contact these retail businesses to see if they can provide any insight into locating an appropriate record regarding your packaged shipment according to its address alone based on what they have access to in their database(s).

4. Utilize Third-Party Tracking Applications

Tracking applications provided by third-party websites allow customers to search specific USPS services through either addresses or attributes associated with packages (such as weight / dimensions).

Such tools don’t require users having access to any internal UPS codes in order for queries about parcels’ statuses but rather searchers will merely need data points related towards items inquired about in order to gain insights from these utility apps which should otherwise help customers determine possible locations where indicated packages may’ve been pertaining towards respective situations overall.

And there you have it! We hope that this guide has helped you understand how you can track a UPS package without a tracking number. It’s always important to stay updated about the status of your shipments – whether via manual inquiry using basic codes or third party applications – so that everyone knows where their ordered materials are at all times!

Can You Track a UPS Package Without a Tracking Number In 2023?

Tracking a UPS package without a tracking number in 2023 is possible, but requires some extra steps. The first step is to create a free UPS My Choice account with the receiving address. This will allow you to track packages sent to that address and receive notifications when they arrive. Additionally, you can use the ‘Track by Reference’ feature to track packages sent with reference numbers or other identifying information.

Another way to track a UPS package without a tracking number is to contact the sender of the package and provide them with your order information or other identifying details. This will allow them to look up your package and provide you with the necessary tracking information. Additionally, UPS offers a tracking feature that allows customers to follow their packages while they are in transit. With this feature, customers can view estimated delivery dates and receive notifications when their packages have been delivered.

How Do You Find Your UPS Tracking Number Without a Receipt?

Tracking a UPS package can be difficult if you don’t have the tracking number. Fortunately, there are ways to find your tracking number without a receipt. The first step is to check the confirmation email sent when you shipped the package. If you printed out your label online, you should have access to a copy of it through the UPS website or your email. If that doesn’t work, there are still other options available as long as you have enough information about the sender and estimated delivery date.

You can contact UPS customer service for assistance in recovering a lost tracking number. Additionally, there are backup plans available to ensure that you always know where your package is located. Knowing this information can help in locating a lost tracking number and getting an update on its progress.

Can You Track a UPS Package Just By Name?

UPS is one of the most popular shipping companies in the world, handling millions of packages every day. Unfortunately, it is not possible to track a UPS package just by name. This is due to the sheer volume of packages they handle and for security reasons. A name alone is not enough information to differentiate between all of the John Smiths of the world.

In order to track a UPS package, you must have more information than just a name. If you are the recipient of the package, you can track it by address. You can also create a free UPS My Choice account which will allow you to view past and current packages destined for your address as well as receive delivery alerts and reroute or hold packages if necessary. This service provides an extra layer of convenience and security when tracking your packages with UPS.

Can You Track a UPS Package Just By Phone Number?

Tracking a UPS package by phone number is possible, but it may not always work. To do so, visit the tracking page on the UPS website and click on the “Track By Reference Number” link. Enter your phone number in the “shipment reference” space and fill out the rest of the information as accurately as possible.

If you are the recipient of the package, you can also track it just by address. To make this easier, create a free UPS My Choice account to view all past and current packages destined for that address. This account also provides additional benefits such as delivery alerts, rerouting and holding packages when not home.

UPS My Choice is an invaluable tool for those who frequently receive packages from UPS. It allows users to stay up-to-date with their deliveries and take control of their shipments when they are away from home or unable to accept them right away.


In conclusion, tracking USPS packages is a straightforward process that can be done in several ways. With a tracking number, you can easily stay up-to-date on your package’s progress. If you don’t have a tracking number, there are still options available to track your package. You can use the shipper’s website, contact customer support, or wait until the delivery date. No matter which method you choose, it’s important to stay informed about your package’s progress.

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